December 2022 work party report

December 2-4 Although this was officially the last work party on the Pryces to Crickheath section, there was little time for retrospection. As well as work decommissioning both LAF and Crickheath compounds, work continued in setting […]

November 2022 work party report

November 4-6 and 18-20 Although the channel construction is now finished, there was still plenty to occupy the Society’s volunteers during the month’s two work parties. As well as putting the final touches to the new […]

October 2022 work party report

October 7-9 and 21-23 Six days of concerted effort resulted in the removal of the clay dam at Crickheath; the lining and blocking of the remaining section of channel; infill of the remaining land drain […]

Drone footage of the Montgomery Canal restoration site

Work party volunteer Howard Dalton kindly took some drone footage of the section of the Montgomery Canal that is currently being restored. The photos and video illustrate the fantastic progress that has been over the […]

September 2022 work party report

September 2-4, September 16-18 and September 26-October 1 There is a lot to report this month. The volunteer effort extended over thirteen working days split between three work parties. The two regular three-day weekend events […]

August 2022 work party report

August 5-7 and 19-21 In a month in which all sorts of temperature records were broken, the society volunteers were fortunate to be on site on what turned out to be two of the cooler […]

July 2022 work party report

July 8-10 and 22-24 The two work parties this month were graced by the extremes of Shropshire weather but were nevertheless highly productive. Lining operations pressed on remorselessly in the general direction of Crickheath; work started […]

June 2022 work party report

June 3-5 and 17-19 Volunteer effort during June focused on two main tasks. Lining and blocking operations really got into gear with a new record to report. Also the shaping of the last 50m of […]

May 2022 work party report

May 6-8 and 20-22 The big news this month is that lining/blocking has started in the Phase 2 channel and that the channel is final shaped all the way from the end of Phase 1 […]

April 2022 work party report

The two big challenges on the restoration this year were always going to be disposal of accumulated water around the site and forming and shaping earthworks in potentially soggy ground. Thus at the start of […]