March 2020 work party report

It is perhaps a newsworthy item in itself that this work party took place at all. Several weeks of more or less continuous heavy rain made life difficult both on and off site. Every part […]

January 2020 work party report

The first work party of the new decade was short in duration and all of the intended tasks were completed in a day and a bit. The main job, the excavation of ten trial holes […]

December 2019 Work Party report

This work party was centred on the Crickheath end of the site. By its conclusion the vegetation clearance work on the whole of Phase 2 was finished and the stream which has delivered so much […]

November 2019 Work Party report

Three tasks dominated this work party.  The newt fences around the compound and Phase 1 were subject to some major surgery; a long run of stock fence on Phase 2 was completed; and the construction […]

October 2019 Work Party report

Two major landmarks were reached during this work party.  The last of the site strip in Phase 2 was completed, and the final major piece of work on Phase 1 was ticked off the list.  […]

September 2019 Work Party report

The various activities during this work party were distributed along the entire length from Pryces’ to Crickheath Bridges. Whilst much of the work could be described as preparatory or finishing, it was notable that the […]

August 2019 Work Party report

This was the fourth work party in six weeks dedicated to clearance of the Phase 2 channel.  Excellent progress has been made during that time and the site is beginning to bear a passing resemblance […]

July 2019 Work Party report

This report gives the lowdown on the month’s two work parties.  It is to the great credit of the Society’s volunteers that attendance numbers held up for both events despite their hastily arranged nature and […]

June 2019 Work Party report

The restoration work on Phase 2 has started.  But it was, as someone once said, ‘a damned close run thing’. The last of the resident newts only condescended to vacate the channel three days before […]

April 2019 Work Party report

This work party was a case of ‘more of the same’. The two major tasks which were started during March event were taken to their conclusion.  A second similarity to March was the good weather […]