December 2022 work party report

December 2-4

Although this was officially the last work party on the Pryces to Crickheath section, there was little time for retrospection. As well as work decommissioning both LAF and Crickheath compounds, work continued in setting up the new Crickheath South base and on preparatory work in the channel south of Crickheath Bridge.

On the Friday, a contractor equipped with a lorry and grab moved the contents of the Crickheath Wharf compound to its counterpart at Crickheath South. This included bagged and loose stone, assorted rolls of geotextile and that most treasured piece of equipment – the block chute.

A treasure arrives at the new compound.

At LAF, the welfare container was repaired ready for relocation for a third time. As with all moves, the opportunity was taken to sort out the contents of the containers and ditch a surprising amount of junk. Some of the larger equipment was bundled up ready for removal and the remaining newt fences removed. A sure sign that the end is nigh was the dismantling of the tea shelter.

The last supper at LAF

In contrast, Crickheath South was a hive of activity. Surfacing of the compound was completed and bases prepared for the incoming containers. The water supplies for the site were finished. In the channel, a long length was cleared and the brash burnt on three large bonfires. Unsurprisingly given the temperature, the latter was the most popular job on site. The new compound only lacks the large items from LAF. These will arrive during the first work party in the New Year.

Channel clearance

Also in the channel, a group of volunteers cleared and carefully documented the heritage wall. This is necessary both to record its original condition and to inform the specification of the impending renovation work. All that remains on Pryces to Crickheath length is the official opening. This will take place with due ceremony in the Spring.

Survey work on the heritage wall
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