May 2018 Work Party report 

What a contrast with our first work party of the year! At the March work party volunteers dressed like Eskimos and still were at risk of hyperthermia. Six weeks later a temperature increase of about […]

April 2018 Work Party Report

The pace of the restoration is beginning to pick up!  This month the finishing touches were put to the protracted work on the Redwith site; two new tasks started at Pryces; and there were big […]

March 2018 Work Party Report

The 2018 ‘summer’ restoration season finally got underway a couple of weeks late with a work party that will be long remembered by the volunteers present as one of the coldest they have experienced.   The […]

January/February 2018 Work Party Report

The January weekend was prefaced by a report in CRT’s National Volunteer Update, the main point of which was that the trial re-watering of Phase 1a had been a success. In fact it proved so […]

December 2017 work party report

The weekend began with some unseasonable fun and games with water: the French drain sumps in phase 1A were sealed off and the section was partially watered in preparation for being handed over to CRT […]

November 2017 work party report

This might have been the last full restoration work party of the year but any ‘end of term’ feeling was notable by its absence.  One reason for this was that the volunteers were too busy […]

Late October 2017 work party report

The additional work party tackled two major tasks both of which had to be finished before the onset of cold weather. These were to transport the material stripped from Phase 1B during the September work […]

Early October 2017 work party report

This is the third work party in a row which has resulted in a major change in the appearance of the site. This time a substantial effort on Phase 1A saw the bulk of the […]

September 2017 work party report

This work party featured a number of notable ‘firsts’ – the most important being the start of block laying in Phase 1A, and ground breaking in Phase 1B. Once more a large turnout of volunteers […]

August 2017 work party report

The combination of a large turnout of volunteers and good weather permitted substantial progress to be made at both the Redwith and Pryces Bridge sites.  The destructive search, the first major task of the Phase […]