Work Party Schedule


January 12-14RestorationCrickheath
January 20EnhancementEllesmere
February 2-4RestorationCrickheath
February 17EnhancementEllesmere
March 1-3RestorationCrickheath
March 16EnhancementEllesmere
April 5-7RestorationCrickheath
April 20EnhancementEllesmere
May 3-6RestorationCrickheath
May 18EnhancementEllesmere
June 7-9RestorationCrickheath
June 21-23Restoration Crickheath
June 22EnhancementEllesmere
July 5-7RestorationCrickheath
July 20EnhancementEllesmere
July 26-28RestorationCrickheath
August 16-18RestorationCrickheath
August 17EnhancementEllesmere
September 6-8RestorationCrickheath
September 21EnhancementEllesmere
October 4-6RestorationCrickheath
October 19EnhancementEllesmere
November 1-3RestorationCrickheath
November 16EnhancementEllesmere
December 6-8RestorationCrickheath
December 14EnhancementEllesmere

Joining a work party

To join a restoration work party at Crickheath South, please get in touch with the Project Manager Tom Fulda via These work parties are in Crickheath and a map can be seen here:

To join an enhancement work party at Ellesmere, please get in touch with the Enhancement Leader David Carter via These work parties are in Ellesmere and a map can be seen here: