Drone footage of the Montgomery Canal restoration site

Work party volunteer Howard Dalton kindly took some drone footage of the section of the Montgomery Canal that is currently being restored. The photos and video illustrate the fantastic progress that has been over the last few years and it can be seen that full restoration of this section is now very nearly complete.

Above: the easternmost section next to Pryces Bridge. The Lloyds Animal Feeds (LAF) site can be seen in the background. LAF have kindly let SUCS create a compound on a portion of their site that is next to the canal (see next picture). To the west (left) of LAF is the solar panel farm. The section of canal to the east (right) of Pryces Bridge has been previously restored by SUCS but is currently unused as there is no winding hole for boats to turn around
Above: the current SUCS compound at LAF. A restored section of canal can just be seen in the foreground
Above: moving west, the next section of canal. Slightly to left of centre can be seen the Oak tree which is used as a reference point
Above: moving further west again, the last section of canal being restored. It can be seen that there is now just a very short section of canal to be reinstated between the section already restored (see previous picture) and Crickheath Wharf (see later)
Above: a close-up of the last section of canal that needs to be restored – completion is now tantalisingly close! At far left can be seen the clay dam that is holding back the water from Crickheath Wharf, the next section to the west (left). A temporary dam to the west (left) of the clay dam will be installed so as to allow the clay dam to be removed. This will in turn allow the last section of canal to be shaped, lined and blocked. This is due to be finished by October 2022. It can just about be seen that blocks have already been moved to the bed of the channel ready for blocking of the last section. The chute used to deliver the blocks to the bed of the channel is still in place
Above: the Crickheath Wharf section that has previously been restored by contractors. It can be seen that there is plenty of room to turn and moor boats. At top left is Crickheath Bridge which crosses the canal and marks the end of the section that will soon be re-opened. Restoration of the canal beyond Crickheath Bridge is the subject of the next SUCS restoration project
Above: a video flyover from Pryces Bridge to Crickheath Wharf
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