Shrewsbury Canal Exhibition

The society was represented at the Shrewsbury Canal Exhibition on Saturday, September 23. The event was located at the Abbey Station building, the former terminus of the celebrated ‘Potts’ line – which at one time extended to Llanymynech. The exhibition made use of both the station interior and the adjacent courtyard.

The theme of the exhibition was the wider benefits of restoration of the various local canals. The society and the Friends of the Montgomery Canal were once again located on adjacent pitches, an arrangement which enables the whole story of the Mongomery restoration to be explained. They were accompanied by three other displays: the Shrewsbury and Newport Canal Trust explaining their work; the Shrewsbury District and North Wales Branch of the IWA branch highlighting the likely affects of the proposed CRT funding cuts; and the host organisation’s fascinating story of the Potts line.

There was a steady steam of visitors throughout the day, including Shropshire Council leader Lezley Picton. It was apparent that some visitors had travelled quite long distances to attend the very well organised event.

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