July 2015 work party report

The restoration of the Pryces to Crickheath section has started! The weekend saw a considerable amount of progress with the result that the short section south of Pryces Bridge does begin to resemble a canal again.  […]

June 2015 work party report

After the frantic race against the clock to close the newt fence at Pryces Bridge during the May work party, the June event was a more leisurely affair. To usefully occupy the time during which CRT are […]

May 2015 work party report

The headline news is that the first major milestone on the Pryces to Crickheath length has been reached. The protracted discussions between CRT and Natural England about the newt licence were successfully concluded early on […]

April 2015 work party report

The first full restoration work party of the year took place at the Weston Arm picnic site on the weekend of 11/12th April. Although the work party saw the majority of the restoration volunteers in […]

November work party report

The last restoration work party of the year, fittingly, marked the completion of work to establish the Society’s new base at Lloyd’s Feeds. All of the hardstanding and newt fences are now finished. The three containers […]

October 2014 work party report

This work party had a distinctly domestic feel to it with the focus being on work in our new compound. This type of activity might not be very glamorous but it is essential to ensure […]

September 2014 work party report

The bald statement that the September work party saw the move of the base from Redwith to Lloyds rather underplays four days of sometimes frantic activity. During this time we did final preparation at the […]

August 2014 work party report

The August work party was a three day effort that, despite some very heavy rain showers, managed to make considerable progress on decommissioning the Redwith site and preparing the new site. Work started on Friday […]

July 2014 work party report

This month saw the first two day work party on the new length of canal. The work involved a continuation of preparatory work around Pryces Bridge, and a major effort on the Redwith compound to […]

June 2014 work party report

This was quite a weekend! June 2014 will go down in the record books as the month when the Redwith to Pryces section saw boats for the first time since 1935, and work on the […]