December 2017 work party report

The weekend began with some unseasonable fun and games with water: the French drain sumps in phase 1A were sealed off and the section was partially watered in preparation for being handed over to CRT for a full leakage test.

Sealing off French drain sump
Partial rewatering
Partial clearance of vegetation from offside bank alongside the “solar field”

The main task for the weekend was a partial clearance of vegetation from the offside bank alongside phase 2A, ie alongside the “solar field”. This will allow the bank to be surveyed.

Excavation of the final newt lake continued at Redwith in anticipation of a newt licence application to cover the rest of the way to Crickheath Bridge.

Quote of the month: “We are quoting new depths now – but go on, keep going”.

Excavation of the final newt lake
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