January/February 2018 Work Party Report

The January weekend was prefaced by a report in CRT’s National Volunteer Update, the main point of which was that the trial re-watering of Phase 1a had been a success. In fact it proved so good at holding water that we spent most of the weekend trying to empty it.

The main task for the weekend was again vegetation clearance. the first morning was spent completing the offside bank along Phase 2a, which was the main task last month. The rest of the weekend was spent at Crickheath where the task was to clear the channel and offside area around the winding hole and the wharf walls. That is in preparation for contractors to move onto the site in a few months’ time. We cleared this site 11 years ago so there were no particularly large trees, just lots and lots of smaller ones which kept the bonfires well supplied.

Vegetation clearance at Crickheath
A roaring bonfire!
Phase 1a channel in water
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