July 2016 work party report

This was a remarkable work party during which substantial progress was made on the two ‘big ticket’ items on the current section. The plan was to finish the blocklaying on the mooring and to complete […]

June 2016 work party report

Since these work party reports often bemoan the rain/cold winds/hail/snow/frost which adversely affect progress, it might seem churlish to complain that the weather during the June event was a bit too hot for physical work. […]

May 2016 work party report

The May work party is usually close to the top of any list of the most productive events during the Society’s restoration season. This year’s event was no exception. One reason for this is that […]

April 2016 work party report

This report actually covers two work parties for the price of one! The ‘official’ April event concentrated on getting the base of the visitor mooring to the point at which concrete could be poured. The […]

March 2016 work party report

The first restoration work party of the year saw the start of construction of the permanent works. Considerable progress was made on both the mooring and reconfiguring the towpath. Apart from the afternoon of the […]

November work party report

In contrast to the last couple of work parties the November event made slow and steady progress in what were for the most part awful conditions. The weather forecast for the weekend was apocalyptic but in […]

October 2015 work party report

That was the work party that was! The Society took full advantage of the good conditions created by the Indian Summer. Substantial progress was made on shaping the channel, preventing water entering the works, and establishing […]

September 2015 work party report

The various activities associated with this ‘weekend’ work party were actually spread over five days. It was a highly productive event and was also notable for both the record number of volunteers covered in slime […]

August 2015 work party report

When the history of the Society’s restoration efforts is written this work party will surely rate a modest mention. The weekend saw the conclusion of work on stripping the topsoil from over 1000 square metres […]

July 2015 work party report

The restoration of the Pryces to Crickheath section has started! The weekend saw a considerable amount of progress with the result that the short section south of Pryces Bridge does begin to resemble a canal again.  […]