April 2021 work party report

This month featured two highly successful but contrasting work parties.  In the first a large turnout of volunteers ticked off a long list of jobs on four different sites. The second was a more focussed […]

March 2021 work party report

To the general relief of all concerned, site work recommenced at the Vernal Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of Spring.  Believe it or not this is the fifth time the society has had […]

December 2020 work party report

Welcome to the final edition of the work party report in this year like no other. It gives the lowdown on six days of work spread over two consecutive weekends. The big news is that […]

November 2020 work party report

The major task during the month’s two work parties was building the two 40 metre long sections of bank in the subsidence areas located at roughly mid-point in Phase 2. The work involved shifting large […]

October 2020 work party report

The Jet Stream played a major role in the success of the two work parties this month. By obligingly keeping north of the British Isles we were treated to a run of mild and, critically, […]

September 2020 work party report

The recipe for successful work parties includes two essential ingredients.  Our old friend ‘the weather’ provided the first of these with five and a half days of dry conditions.  The second ingredient – the correct […]

August 2020 work party report

This month saw a double helping of work party action as the society attempted to make up a little of the time lost due to newts/ground investigations/the virus.  Both events were highly productive and as […]

July 2020 work party report

Welcome to the new work party normal – not so very different from the old normal. The first work party for four months inevitably included large doses of social distancing, mask wearing and sanitising in […]

March 2020 work party report

It is perhaps a newsworthy item in itself that this work party took place at all. Several weeks of more or less continuous heavy rain made life difficult both on and off site. Every part […]

January 2020 work party report

The first work party of the new decade was short in duration and all of the intended tasks were completed in a day and a bit. The main job, the excavation of ten trial holes […]