November 2018 Work Party report

  The combination of good weather and a large attendance is a recipe for a productive work party. This month’s event certainly was in that category. The headline news is that earthworks in Phase 1 […]

October 2018 Work Party report 

When we arrived on site on Friday it felt as though we have never been away! Three work parties in a month strained bodies and spirits to the limit but the results were spectacular. We […]

September 2018 Work Party report

This report covers the scheduled September work party and an additional three day event which took place a fortnight later.   Perhaps the start point for this report is to explain why the second work party […]

August 2018 Work Party report 

The headline news this month is that half the length of the Phase 1 channel between Pryces Bridge and the clay dam is now lined and blocked.  This combined with the start of the installation […]

July 2018 Work Party report 

Last month’s work party report described us as being ‘treated’ to dry weather for its duration. We had more of the same this time but the hot weather was something to be endured rather than […]

June 2018 Work Party report

This was a very productive work party which made significant progress on both the channel and the towpath.  Yet again we were treated to dry weather which greatly aided earthmoving – a feature of all […]

May 2018 Work Party report 

What a contrast with our first work party of the year! At the March work party volunteers dressed like Eskimos and still were at risk of hyperthermia. Six weeks later a temperature increase of about […]

April 2018 Work Party Report

The pace of the restoration is beginning to pick up!  This month the finishing touches were put to the protracted work on the Redwith site; two new tasks started at Pryces; and there were big […]

March 2018 Work Party Report

The 2018 ‘summer’ restoration season finally got underway a couple of weeks late with a work party that will be long remembered by the volunteers present as one of the coldest they have experienced.   The […]

January/February 2018 Work Party Report

The January weekend was prefaced by a report in CRT’s National Volunteer Update, the main point of which was that the trial re-watering of Phase 1a had been a success. In fact it proved so […]