May 2022 work party report

May 6-8 and 20-22 The big news this month is that lining/blocking has started in the Phase 2 channel and that the channel is final shaped all the way from the end of Phase 1 […]

April 2022 work party report

The two big challenges on the restoration this year were always going to be disposal of accumulated water around the site and forming and shaping earthworks in potentially soggy ground. Thus at the start of […]

March 2022 work party report

Work parties in the early months of the year inevitably start with a pumping day and this was the case for both the month’s events. The water table at this time of year is about […]

January & February 2022 work party report

The Society tackled jobs in various locations over the winter – the common theme of them being that they were preparation for future planned restoration works. The main centre of activity was the Crickheath to […]

December 2021 work party report

The final restoration work party of the year was, compared to some of what had gone before, a rather low key event. A day and a half of effort ticked off a variety of jobs. […]

November 2021 work party report

It seems that the society is indebted to the Gulf Stream once more. In a month in which we required dry weather to complete the outstanding earthworks we got just that courtesy of our ally […]

October 2021 work party report

The six days of volunteer effort during October markedly changed the appearance of much of the site. This was partly due to the annual vegetation bash, but also because after months of work the section between […]

September 2021 work party report

What a difference a month makes! All of a sudden there is a long section of lined channel to admire, and full-height banks are re-appearing in the section of channel near the solar farm. And […]

August 2021 work party report

It was a case of bash on despite the weather over the two August weekends. The headline news is that lining/blocking has started at long last, and that the Hell Hole is no more! Heavy […]

July 2021 work party report

This month saw two ‘milestone events’ on the construction programme reached. The fourth and final bank requiring surcharge was finished, and the protracted preparations for the start of lining work were, at long last, completed. […]